The ideal cartoons games with PC 

The Best Anime Games On Pc

Led by the anonymous Revolver, their aim was to annihilate the artificial intelligence program known as the Cyberse. After a failed attempt, one of their targets, Ignis, managed to escape and hide the Cyberse somewhere in the network. Five years later, high school student Yuusaku Fujiki encounters a strange artificial intelligence program while dueling in Link Vrains. Under the guise of his avatar named Playmaker, Yuusaku and his partner in crime, Shouichi Kusanagi, decide to join forces with the peculiar existence. As he seeks the truth behind a mysterious incident of the past, Yuusaku battles against the Knights of Hanoi and SOL Technologies in a race that might alter the fate of the world. Bakugan Interspace is a virtual reality system, where players can brawl against each other and take part in tournaments.

An independent American game development studio Team Salvato developed the game and released it on September 22, 2017. But that won’t be a problem for you, as there is no story in multiplayer mode. Jump Force is a very ambitious game that aimed to create a fighting game with characters from different anime series. It received a huge attention from the anime community and people were hyped. Anyhow, it does have a local multiplayer support where you can play as your favorite character from the Kill la kill universe. It is another arena fighting game where the last one standing wins.

It covers the entire Shippuden from the first mission to protect Gaara to the last fight against Sasuke at Final Valley. Every Final Fantasy game has a different plot and setting, from magical fiction to science fiction setting. However, every title features a key item Crystal, which has been an important part of all plots of this franchise.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best Anime games for PS4. Each Thursday at 7 o’clock, we transform the kraken room in dreadnought’s Lower Deck with loads of games. Featuring card games, fighting games, console games, board games, Anime and much more. We provide something for everyone, and as we say, if we dont have it, then we can get it. The “Tales” series have been greatly popular on other gaming platforms, but they hadn’t released anything for PC.

While searching through his grandfather’s attic, Hikaru Shindou stumbles upon an old go board. Touching it, he is greeted by a mysterious voice, and soon after falls unconscious. When he regains his senses, he discovers that the voice is still present and belongs to Sai Fujiwara no, the spirit of an ancient go expert.

No matter if Piccolo, Goku, or Buu is your favourite, everyone is accounted for here. And with easy to understand controls, there is nothing stopping you from getting involved. MapleStory 2 is a massively-multiplayer sequel from Korean developer Nexon, and it’s full to bursting with creative potential. With many rich, vibrant environments to explore and battle in, MapleStory 2 will certainly keep you busy. Battle Chef Brigade is gorgeously realisedcooking gamethat combines 2D brawler combat against various monsters and a puzzler-based cook off. Essentially, you’ll need to hunt and kill your ingredients before taking them back to the kitchen to whip up a tasty feast.

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